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The winning project will be rewarded during the LIFE Awards ceremony on 16 May 2019, as part of the EU Green Week 2019, Europe’s biggest environmental event.

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Country: Italy
Coordinator: SSICA
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Description: The LIFE BIOCOPACPlus project, a follow up to the BIOCOPAC project, aims to demonstrate the technical feasibility and the effectiveness on an industrial scale of the production of a bio-lacquer obtained from the reuse of tomato waste (i.e. skins) – the lacquer will serve as a coating for food contact applications in metal cans. Specifically, the project aims to: Give value to tomato industry by-products, by offering alternative strategies for waste reuse and minimisation in accordance with the Waste Framework Directive (2008/98/EC); Design and scale up a prototype processing plant for the extraction of cutin from tomato skins; Optimise the prototype plant in terms of resource efficiency and saving (water, energy, emissions) and of economic sustainability, by using automated technologies and low maintenance strategies; Scale up the formulation of the lacquer processed using the extracted cutin and environmental friendly solvents; Find the best storage condition for the cutin, to guarantee a continuous production of the bio-lacquer; Demonstrate the technological suitability of the bio-lacquer for food packaging applications and perform a lifecycle assessment for the new eco-cans; Demonstrate compliance with the EU regulation for food contact materials at the end of the shelf-life of the food cans; and Analyse the economic potential of the tomato skins (e.g. for bio-energy applications).

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