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The winning project will be rewarded during the LIFE Awards ceremony on 16 May 2019, as part of the EU Green Week 2019, Europe’s biggest environmental event.

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Project: Lesser Kestrel Recovery
Country: Bulgaria
Coordinator: Green Balkans
Votes: 2

Category: NATURE
Views: 77
Description: The overall objective of the Lesser Kestrel Recovery project was to support and strengthen the population of the priority species listed in the Birds Directive (2009/147/EC) - lesser kestrel (Falco naumanni) - in Bulgaria, through conservation measures and wider public involvement. Specific objectives included: screening EU rural development and agriculture policy for practices that affect lesser kestrel; identifying and promoting lesser kestrel-friendly agri-environment payments; recommending appropriate management practices for mainstreaming in Natura 2000 management plans; identifying lesser kestrel-friendly construction practises and producing a manual for construction companies and the general public; and drawing up a Lesser Kestrel National Action Plan to ensure sustainability and the enforcement of favourable conservation measures. The project also aimed to reinforce lesser kestrel’s population in Bulgaria, through captive breeding and the translocation of young non-fledged birds from Spain. The goal was to work towards establishing a free colony of lesser kestrel in the Sakar Natura 2000 network site (SPA) and to create favourable conditions for re-establishment in two adjacent SPAs – Byala reka and Krumovitsa.