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These 9 projects have been shortlisted for the “Citizen’s Award” by a panel of National Contact Points. Now it is your turn to vote!

Select below your favorite candidate for the “LIFE Citizen’s Prize” from one of the three categories and cast your vote from 8 April to 16 May.

The winning project will be rewarded during the LIFE Awards ceremony on 16 May 2019, as part of the EU Green Week 2019, Europe’s biggest environmental event.

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Project: LIFE+ SmartPV
Country: Cyprus
Coordinator: University of Cyprus
Votes: 0

Category: CLIMATE
Views: 89
Description: The LIFE+ SmartPV project was designed to point the way towards a more economically and environmentally sustainable electricity grid in Cyprus and Europe. This would involve a pilot network of 300 domestic prosumers (consumers and producers at the same time) spread out throughout the island with PV installed on their rooftops and connected via smart meters for remote access. Furthermore, a network of 17 meteorological stations has been deployed in order to be able to predict energy production through the PV systems. Creating and optimising such a decentralised network would make solar power more cost effective and thus increase the share of renewables in the energy market in Cyprus. Consequently, this would be a crucial step towards enabling the country to fully contribute to achieving the EU's climate change mitigation targets for 2030. To avoid costly feed-in-tariffs, the project would offer market-driven incentives to consumers who become local energy producers (‘prosumers’). Knowledge gained in the optimisation of demand side management and dynamic tariffs in Cyprus would be used to develop optimal policies in other EU countries.